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Tree Pruning

Hardwick Tree Care specializes in tree pruning which is a very important part of the upkeep for any landscape tree. It can be used to maintain structural integrity and aesthetics, but must also follow the tree's biology.


When should you have your trees pruned?

We understand that trees are living organisms and can get sick, die, grow too big, or be in the wrong place. Whether you need a tree removed for safety reasons or you simply want to beautify your property, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Types of Pruning Techniques:


Crown Raising

Removal of lower limbs, usually to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles or buildings.


Vista Pruning

This style pruning provides more desirable views.  We have technology to help find the tree parts that are blocking satellites and sunlight.

dead-tree (1).png


Involves removing dead branches from the tree, often for safety’s sake but also so the tree can heal over old wounds.


Structural Pruning

 Involves removing deadwood, rubbing branches and guiding the future growth into a strong structure that will ensure a long life for the tree.



 This involves removing interior branches. Often done for air circulation, this technique can be over done and should be used sparingly.



Alternative to topping that leaves the branches with natural ends and leaves to support the vitality of the branch.

tree (1).png

Clearance Pruning

 Pruning branches back from buildings, roofs, signs or access ways



 Technique used by  reducing the tree to an arbitrary height.  A discouraged practice by modern arborists because of the damage it does to the longterm health of the tree.


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Hardwick Tree Care serves Centerburg, Sunbury, Galena and Westerville Ohio and the surrounding communities.

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